As a pychic artist and medium, Colin conducts workshops throughout the year in: Germany, Austria, U.S.A. and through out the U.K.


Colin Hall

colin hallColin Hall is a psychic artist and medium living in Manchester here in the UK. Serving many spiritual churches and spiritual centres throughout the UK. Colin's international travel takes him to many country's in Europe and much further afield to the USA & Canada.

Colin gives evidential demonstrations of survival of the soul and life after death.

Early experiences led Colin on a life long quest to develop his spiritual gifts in church groups and circles. Eventually this led Colin to attend the Spiritual college of Arthur Findley,where under the direction of many eminent teachers, including the influence of Gordon Higginson, Colin began to develop those gifts and gain a deeper understanding of Autographs and the Spirit World.

As a Teacher in Metaphysical and Spiritual Art:  Colin's artwork takes us into the Great Deva Kingdom of the four elements, Nature Spirits of :Air, Water, Earth, Fire. The more the Artwork is studied the more the “Essence” of power & peace radiates from Colin's paintings. Colin will touch deep within your spiritual being.




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