Auragraphs are pictures of colours and symbols we draw when we tune into a person’s inner soul, the essence of the power of god that lies deep within everybody like a seed in the ground waiting for the right moment to push through the dark underground and expand its beauty into a new world.

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Healing Auragraphs Can help us with self Healing removing the blockage but first we must find the course of the illness. Healing of the sole can be the first step first step. Through the concentrate of visualisation of Healing Auragraphs if properly design and with the right colours it can be possible with the right thought and help from the Spirit World for self Healing to take place.

We, as humans have spiritual gifts that are like seeds. Seeds of inspiration that are waiting to open and burst into colour. This is what we call the Aura we all have Aura we also have a spiritual Aura that we can tune into through inner visualisation.

It is through meditation in the spiritual church. I started to develop my clairvoyance in my meditation I would see wonderful pictures of the spirit world.

The spirit guides was asking me to draw what I could see in my meditation. I had a big problem I could not draw but over the years the spirit was teaching me to draw and understand colours and symbols.

And it is through spirit art and the help from my guides and Angels I started to understand the spirit world. Also other worlds started to open to me first I started to see nature spirits of the Earth. Then came the Water, Air and Fire spirits all of gods creation with great powers and wonderful colours.

The spirit world teaches us about our inner power of the soul with our spiritual gifts of the Arts and healing also learning us to come closer to our inspiration of the soul