Workshops with Colin Hall

2018 1International Psychic Medium and Spirit Artist from England

August 2nd-5th

Coin Hall (from Manchester, England) will bring his psychic medium talents and spirit art workshop programs to us the weekend of August 2-5th. Colin is well-known throughout the globe for his artistic talents and the ability to create visual connections between the elements and spirit world. As a psychic artist and medium, Colin conducts workshops throughout the year in Germany, Austria, USA, and throughout the U.K. sharing his vast knowledge and teaching the fundamentals of Art, Mediumship and Meditation. As a renowned teacher in metaphysical and spiritual art, Colin’s art work delves in to the realms of Angles, the great Deva kingdom of the four elements, Nature Spirits: Air, Water, Earth, & Fire. Colin’s art is strongly influenced by Celtic and Chinese traditions as well as Art Nouveau, with all its endlessly flowing forms, mystical images of Gods and Goddesses and the natural world that is around and within us.

2018 2August 2nd - Thursday – Private Readings/Healings/Art (30 or 60 min.) 9a-4p & 6-9p Schedule a reading:

August 3rd – Friday – Private Readings/Healings/Art (30 or 60 min.) 9a-4p & 6-9p Schedule a reading:

August 3rd - Friday – Gallery Reading through Psychic Art 6-8p During this reading, Colin will be drawing spirit pictures for those who attend. Reserve your ticket:

2018 4August 4th – Saturday - Expressing Your Spirit Energies through Psychic Art Workshop 10a-4p – This workshop is suggested for empaths/intuitives, healers, and those interested in holistic health! Workshop reservation:   

August 5th – Sunday - Understanding Guided Meditation 10a-noon learn techniques for meditation, relaxation, spiritual awakening, tuning in to your intuition. Join Colin for guided meditation and training. Reserve your seat:

Colin’s Saturday workshop gives the student a great opportunity to delve deeper into Spiritual Art, which encourages the potential that lies within to awaken and free the spirit to experience the joy of connecting with the "Spiritual Worlds" that are waiting to be unlocked within.

2018 3 In the workshop the student learns about color and their symbolic meanings as well as how they connect to the spirit world. Auragraphs are created and students access the information it contains.

2018 5The student also learns about the Elements in Nature and their creative power. The workshops are suitable for students of all levels of understanding. If you have favorite art materials please bring them along, if not, all Colin asks is you bring along your willingness to work, your enthusiasm and lots of love.

This is a wonderful way to work with spirit, through art and color and a way of attracting Angels of color who help inspire and strengthen our mediumship and healing potential.

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