As a pychic artist and medium, Colin conducts workshops throughout the year in: Germany, Austria, U.S.A. and through out the U.K. sharing his vast knowlege and teaching the fundamentals of Art, Mediumship and Meditation.

As a renowned teacher in metaphysical and spiritual art, Colins art work delves in to the realms of Angles, the great Deva kingdom of the four elements, Nature Spirits: Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

Colins Art is strongly influenced by Celtic and Chinese traditions as well as Art Nouyeau, with all its endlessly flowing forms, mystical images of Gods and Goddesses and the natural world that is aroun and within us.

When we open ourselves to these endless flowing powers we connect and become aware of our soul and the abundance of creativity that lies within it. The spirit is teaching us about our power of the soul, with our wonderful spiritual gifts of Art and Healing. Colin also produces his own medative cards and artwork. which can be viewed here

Through out many years of meditation in numerous groups of spiritualist churches Colin devoted himself to learn what these "other worlds" in the spirt realms were about.

After a time and with the help of his guides he started to develop the gift of clairvoyance. In his medative state Colin began to see wonderful pictures with vibrant colour in the spirt world.

He was asked by his guides to draw what he could see, unfortunatly at this time Colin could not draw.
With his dedication and endeavour through many years he was inspired and guided to gain this talented gift with the help of the spirit world and with this help and guidance Colin was able to draw and understand the meaning of colour and symbols.

The workshop give the student a great opportunity to delve deeper into Spiritual Art, which encourages the potential that lies within to awaken and free the spirit to experience the joy of connecting with the "Spiritual Worlds" that are waiting to be unlocked within.
In the workshops the student learns about colour and their symbolic meaning and how they connect to the spirit world, how to create Auragraphs and accessing the infomation it contains.
The student also learn about the Elements in Nature and their creative power. The workshops are suitable for students of all levels of understanding, with the chance to spend time in a friendly loving atmosphere and sharing exoeriences with like minded people. If you have favourite art materials please bring them along, if not, all Colin asks is you bring along your willingness to work , your enthusiasm and lots of love.
This is a wonderful way to work with spirit, through art and colour and a way of attracting Angels of colour who help inspire and strenghten our mediumship and healing potential.

If you are inspired to attend and the spirit is stirred to attend the workshop, please click on the links. the information comes from guides, Angels and the Deva Kingdom